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Merry Xmas from all the staff at Bike n Bean.

Xmas Trading Hours
Dec 24th 10am-3pm
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2014 Specialized Catalogues

Please click through below to see the amazing 2014 range catalogues and imagery from Specialized







Family & Fitness




I’m dreaming of a ‘Bike’ Christmas….


Most Dear Santa letters these days include a bike on that special child’s wish list. Make your child’s dream come true, and buy a quality bicycle, that is light to pedal, lower centralised base to help with riding, comes fully operational, built by a trusted bike mechanic. We know the bikes are awesome as we see the bikes being passed on to younger siblings still in the great condition, so they are a worthy investment for your children.

Specialized have their range of Hotrocks for both boys and girls, starting from $175 for the Hotwalk, $199 for the 12″ Hotrock, $229 for the 16″ Hotrock, from $259 for the 20″ Hotrock and from $399 for the 24″ Hotrock.

Check out the colours and specs: Specialized Kids Bike Range

Although built with little riders in mind, the Hotrock line is designed with “big kid” quality parents will appreciate. From 12-inch walk bikes to suspension-equipped 24-inch mountain bikes, the Hotrocks give young riders the confidence to improve their skills so they can one day keep up with mom and dad. The lightweight aluminum frames make for easy transport, and unique features like tool-less training wheel removal make the conversion a breeze for parents. The Hotrocks are the easiest bikes for kids to ride, because they were truly engineered with them in mind.

Bike n Bean offer Layby now until Xmas, with easy collection upto late afternoon on Xmas Eve, as we know its hard to hide a bike in the house before the big day.  Make sure you order your kids bike soon, as stocks are limited, and we want to ensure all our customers are happy. Come into store and put a deposit on today.

Xmas Just Came Early

Wheely Good Sale

From time to time we have special run-outs on stock, and here is a ripper deal on wheelsets.

For the month of November 2013 only, instore purchase, no Layby or Holds.  Valid till stock sells out.

Price includes your choice of freehub body.

Come into store to check what we have.

Zipp Wheelsets

Zipp 202 FCC

Zipp 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher,                                      Was $3499, SALE $2499

Zipp 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher

Our 202 Firecrest® Carbon Clincher is all about aiming higher. We took our classic 202 wheelset — the legendary climber’s companion — and transformed it into a stiff, lightweight and aerodynamic speed weapon ideal for every road you travel. That’s the power of Firecrest and Carbon Clincher technologies. At 1,380 g, the new 202 is the lightest entry in the Firecrest Carbon Clincher lineup. The Zipp® 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher retains the classic 32 mm rim depth of its predecessor though, with the Firecrest profile, now has a wider 25.4 mm max rim width. The results redefine what’s possible with a do-it-all classic road wheel.

Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clinchers

Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clinchers,                                  WAS $3499, SALE $2499

Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher

In the past few years, the 303 has emerged as one of the most formidable wheels in the pro peloton, with wins in the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, the Tour of Flanders, the Amstel Gold Race and more. Its speed, light weight, and utter reliability have been proven in pro cycling’s most demanding races.The 303 made history by becoming the first carbon wheelset to win cycling’s two most famous Cobbled Classics, Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders. Its wider rim provided extra durability, and improved aerodynamics. That wider rim also led to the development of our revolutionary Firecrest® platform, and now the revolution has come full circle. The 303 has been completely redesigned with Firecrest® shaping. The Carbon Clincher preserves the aerodynamic advantages of its tubular brother, while adding the convenience of a clincher tire. And at just 1,475 g, it’s light enough to climb up the steepest gradients with ease.

Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher

Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher,                                     WAS $3499, SALE $2499

Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher

Most versatile wheelset, the 404. Its 58 mm rim depth is a classic all-around performer that has carried athletes to victory in every kind of event – triathlons, criteriums, breakaways, field sprints and even Grand Tour mountain stages.  Its Firecrest aero profile is the first deep-profile carbon clincher design to offer the superior aerodynamics, ride quality, strength and handling of a wider rim body. Yet the 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher weighs just 1,525 grams per set, putting it among the lightest deep-profile carbon clinchers available. Designed specifically to account for the differences in airflow patterns between clincher tires and tubulars, the 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher far exceeds the aero performance of any other clincher wheelset in its class.


Zipp 1080 Tubular

Zipp 1080 Tubular, WAS $3999, SALE $2000

Zipp 1080 Tubular

According to Zipp, the 1080 wheel is the fastest non-disc wheel on the planet.  The 1080 rim has been redesigned to have an even faster surface. Now with 5 sectional bends, the 1080 now handles side and cross-winds better – so much so that when coupled with Zipp’s ABLCô rim dimpling, you get a rim that is virtually imperceptible in cross-winds. What many don’t know about carbon deep-section rims is that the aerodynamic benefit is negligible when not accompanied by tire of equivalent width. Since the width on most rim braking surfaces is about 19mm, running a 21 or 22c tire completely eliminates the aerodynamic advantage. In contrast, Zipp is one of two manufacturers to understand this and build rims with a braking surface width of 24mm, allowing you to run whatever tire is best for the conditions of the race. Zipp tubular rims also feature a channel for the tubular tire seam. This creates a guide for the tubular to fit in when inflated and decreases the amount of glue needed.

Enve Wheelsets

Enve 1.65 T

Enve 1.65 T Pair, WAS $3429, SALE $2299

Enve 1.65 Tubular

The release and use of this rim has stirred plenty of debate as to its ideal application. Some call it the best TT wheel they have ridden, to others their favorite crit wheel, cyclo-crossers swear by them, and road racing is a given. Where things get really interesting is that the rim is so light that some racers insist it should even be used for hill climbs. Given this wheel’s uncompromising cornering and aero performance, our pro racers report abnormal amounts of friction amongst team members as they vie for the opportunity to roll the 65s in their “A” priority races vs. other options. The cycling world may be a more harmonious place without the 65, but it certainly wouldn’t be as fast. Available as: 65 Clincher, 1.65 Tubular (Ultralight), and 2.65 Tubular (Standard). After you have chosen what’s best suited for your discipline, it’s clear you will love the “Founders Favorite”.

Specialized Roval Wheelsets

Specialized Roval CLX60

Specialized Roval CLX60 Full Carbon Clincher,            WAS $2699, SALE $1999

Specialized Rapide CLX 60 Full Carbon Clincher
The Rapide CLX 60 full-carbon clincher is the perfect aerodynamic wheelset. The deep rim profile slices through the wind, while a wide internal rim profile provides a better tyre shape for precise handling and stiffness. The wheelset weighs in at 1,495g, and offers superior braking performance to give riders the confidence to not only attack up the hills but down them too. Rapide CLX 60- FASTER EVERYWHERE.
Specialized Rapide CLX 60 Full Carbon Clincher

Specialized Rapide CLX 60 Full Carbon Clincher,               WAS $2699, SALE $1999

Specialized Rapide CLX 40 Full Carbon Clincher
The Rapide CLX 40 full-carbon clincher is the perfect all-around race wheelset. The aerodynamic optimised rim shape slices through the wind, while preserving the confident, stable handling of a box section rim. A wide internal and external rim provides an optimal tyre profile for incredibly precise handling and stiffness. At a weight of 1,375g it’s still light enough to climb the tallest of mountains. Rapide CLX 40- FASTER EVERYWHERE.
Stans No Tubes Wheelsets
Stans No Tubes Iron Cross Disc Tubeless

Stans No Tubes Iron Cross Disc Tubeless,                          WAS $899, SALE $699

Stans No tubes Iron Cross Disc Tubeless
The Iron Cross disc rims are designed for superior burp resistance with low pressure tube-type cyclocross clinchers. Any other tires will be very difficult to mount. The 20mm internal rim width provides superior tire performance. Sure, bringing the world’s best tubeless system to cyclocross turned out a little better than we’d even planned, but we promise the new Iron Cross disc rims haven’t taken the suffering out completely. Stan’s 3.30 Disc hubs keep the wheels affordable but light while still delivering the one of a kind ride quality. Rear hub size is 135mm 10 speed.
SRAM Wheelsets
SRAM S30 Clincher

SRAM S30 Clincher, WAS $1399, SALE $699

Looking for a lightweight and aero aluminum wheel, don’t look any further! Stiff, tough, with super smooth bearings: make sure you cross the finish line in first place.

  • Hybrid-toroidal aluminum rims and hidden spoke nipples
  • Oversized aluminum axle, cartridge bearings (2 front, 4 rear)
  • Aluminum tire bed and braking surface for consistent performance and maximum safety
  • Machined braking surface with wear indicators
  • Front Wheels feature a structural woven carbon rim with a great strength to weight ratio.
  • Rear Wheels have an aluminum brake and tire surface for smooth all weather stopping and high tire security.

The new Age of ASSOS

Bike n Bean are proud to announce that we are now an Authorized ASSOS dealer. 


ASSOS’ knowledge, experience and philosophy on tailoring garments to function in the cyclist’s position. ASSOS garments contour your body, protecting it without applying pressure, when you are on your bicycle. High-tech fabrics are useless if cut badly! AEPD combined with specially developed ASSOS textiles optimizes muscle compression, reduces muscle fatigue and increases endurance.


ASSOS designed and incorporates a specially shaped panel at the front of the shorts, to reduce fabric bunching when in a tuck position. Limiting unwanted movement at the front of the insert also results in an improved fit and less friction. ASSOS invention = Today’s industry standard!

An elastic microfiber mesh inserted between the bib braces, prevents the braces slipping while improving the overall fit of the shorts. The mesh insert covers a large part of the back and increases evaporation, keeping you drier. ASSOS invention = Now an industry standard!

No pressure elastic
New tailoring design for the elastic leg gripper. Instead of hiding the elastic leg gripper inside the leg of the shorts, ASSOS added it onto the leg to become a visible feature. The elastic remains more elastic and applies less pressure on the muscle. ASSOS invention = Today’s industry standard!

AEPD II Advantages

  • Anatomically contoured
  • Wrinkle free
  • Total freedom of movement
  • Enhanced performance, breathability through perfect fit
  • More aerodynamic
  • Less volume, more compact, less weight
  • Look your best

Stock we hold instore at Bike n Bean includes:

Knicks- Assos Uno &  Assos F1 13

Assos Uno Knick is the benchmark cycling short for racing and endurance training. Featuring the FI. Uno_S5 seatpad, an Anatomic 6 panel cut and premium Assos construction, T FI.Uno_S5 shorts offer elite level comfort and performance at the heart of your summer outfit.

Top Features of the Assos T FI.Uno_S5 Bib Shorts
AEPD ergonomic 6-panel cut
FI. Uno_S5 seatpad
Triple needle stitching
Back panel antistatic carbon fibre mesh
Silicone Elastic leg-grippers
Overlock seams
Reflective visibility stripes
UV Protection 50+
Premium Assos styling and construction

Assos F1 13 Knicks offers pure performance while riding. A new benchmark in bib shorts, it is lighter, lower volume, with less pressure on sensitive areas. 

The brand new S5 chamois features a contoured cut, doubled with elasticity, that enables the chamois to follow your pedal strokes.

The F1.13 S5 bib short is very lightweight and extremely comfortable. It has a breathable memory foam which ensures perfect fit every time and it also features a more elastic leg gripper for optimal circulation to your lower leg muscles. A carbon mesh panel has been inserted between the back braces, improving fit and ventilation.






Jersey- Assos Mille

The Assos SS.Mille has the supreme quality you’d expect from the Swiss brand. Designed for larger riders and for endurance riding in warm temperatures, it has a looser fit.

Thanks to the hem’s silicone grippers the jersey stays in place well, and the sizing is spot on for those of us who aren’t Chris Froome thin. 

The jersey material is well vented to help keep you cool in warmer conditions – both the front and rear panels are perforated, and the side sections are made from a high-stretch fabric to keep things in check. The SS.Mille is also quite light, which helps with comfort. 



Assos Mille High Socks & Assos Summer Gloves & Assos Summer Caps



Assos Skin Repair Gel, Assos Chamois Creme and Assos Active Wear Cleanser 


Assos Chamois cream can be used to prevent saddle friction and inflammation and has antibacterial properties to deter infection, but on top of that, it prolongs the life of your chamois by maintaining elasticity. Assos skin repair gel relieves discomfort and promotes healing caused by saddle friction and is suitable for use by men of women.

Assos Skin Repair Gel is suitable for relieving discomfort and repairing skin damage caused by friction of the genital area against the saddle. Effective, long lasting performance due to the use of natural ingredients with anti irritant, skin normalising action, which aids the normal tissue repair process. Suitable for men and women, all skin types.

Assos Active Wear Cleanser is delicate on elastic fibres, pH neutral, neutralizes odours, enhances breathing of textiles and maintain sharp colour sublimation.

Our Sponsored riders dominating Australian Master Games

Another big weekend for our sponsored team riders at Kosdown Performance Cycling (KPC).

KPCs model is all about assisting cyclists to reach their goals, improving every year. This shares Bike n Bean’s philosophy to make sure our customers are having a great experience and to ride the bike best suited for their needs, whether its long recreation rides or racing.


Von Micich racing to victory at the Australian Masters Games 2013

October 2013 Australian Masters Games Results 

Stephen Lane – 3 gold, Road Race, ITT and Criterium. Stephen did the Criterium solo off the front. 
Shane Miller – 2 gold, ITT and Criterium 
Von Micich – 3 gold, Road Race, ITT and Criterium
Kos Samaras – Silver Road Race, solo for a lot of this race. 19 podiums for the year. 

Von Micich first competed in the Australian Masters Games few years ago. What a difference a few years of hard work makes. http://vonrider.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/2013-australian-masters-games.html